Song 12
"God Loves a Cheerful Giver"
(2 Corinthians 9:7)

1. As we serve our dear Father, we should ever keep in mind
That he's happy and gen'rous, yes, loving and kind.
As a Giver, he's matchless; e'en his Son for us he gave,
For all sorts of mankind he most truly wants to save.

2. His example in giving we do well to imitate.
When our giving is cheerful, goodwill we create.
All our time and resources, to Jehovah they belong.
If to him we do give them, we never will go wrong.

3. Yes, the giving that's cheerful, to Jehovah brings delight.
It adorns all his teaching, to love does incite.
Great indeed is its value when it wells up from the heart;
Happiness and great joy to us then it will impart.

4. So to God and Christ Jesus we are grateful for this joy.
While advancing true worship, our pow'rs we employ.
May our heart ever move us to be cheerful as we give
And to please God Jehovah as long as we will live.