Shine On

Here I stand in the hallway
A suitcase in my hand
A whole lot on my mind
But nothing to say

Then I tell you I'll miss you
And you tell me the same
Then I walk out the door
Into the rain

Shine on, my girl, shine on
Until we meet again
Please don't shed a tear

'Cause I feel that somehow you know
That this is not the end
I'll see you again
Till then, shine on

See your face through the window
As I walk to the car
And a million of thoughts
Go through my head

Did I tell you the right things
Did I tell you I care
Or that I love you much more
Than you'll ever know

Sweet Little Sister

Hey girl, who're you foolin'
With that perfect smile
I know it ain't easy
Ain't no natural high

Dreams on every corner
Like wishes on a star
They all stop to look
But they don't know who you are

Waitin' for an answer
In every passin' car
But they don't hear your call

Sweet little sister, back against the wall
Sweet little sister, who will break your fall
You ain't got no money, you're left out on your own
Sweet little sister, you're a long long way from home

Hey girl, where you goin'
Whatcha lookin' for
One more empty promise
Leaves you wantin' much more

Some will keep you hangin'
Some will close the door
You gotta keep your image
You gotta know the score

Free without a future
Trapped whitout a past
The moment just won't last

Sweet little sister, you're a long long way from home
Long, long gone, alone
I don't wanna follow you down